Group RRSP

Endorsed group registered retirement savings program for members of CNLA

and the provincial associations.

Help your employees save for their retirement with a group retirement savings program through Manulife Financial.  A retirement savings plan is a necessity now more than ever.  With people living longer, and the government pension plans providing less than sufficient income at retirement, a group plan can help you help your employees work towards securing their financial future.  As the company sponsor you will have the option to have a Voluntary Group RRSP, where only the employee makes a contribution or, you can provide members with a structured plan, where the employee makes a contribution and the employer matches the contribution based on a comfortable formula decided by the employer.  Being part of the CNLA master group plan allows for competitive and continually improved investment management fees. 

What You Get

Better Employees - A group retirement savings program can help you attract and retain employees by offering your staff members a convenient, cost-effective retirement savings option. By making contributions by payroll deduction income taxes can be decreased at source - no need to wait until you file your return to get the tax back. 

Access to Leading Institutional Funds and Fund Managers - Professional managers and their funds aren't generally available to individual investors.

Full Service Provider - By incorporating a retirement plan into your benefits program, your employees will benefit from the expertise and experience of a qualified Retirement Planner to maintain all aspects of your employment benefits.

What Your Employees Get

Voluntary or Company Paid - It is your choice.  The plan can be set up whereby the company makes contributions as a benefit for employees or it can be a voluntary employee paid plan only.

Steps - The award winning Steps Retirement Program provides online education and tools that help Plan Members gain a better view of their retirement.

Personalized Plan Member Newsletters - Each newsletter is personally addressed to an individual plan member and includes articles targeted to match that individual's age range and retirement savings behaviour.

Services and Support - From education and enrolment packages to toll-free telephone and secure internet access, your employees have access to a complete range of services and support to help them create and monitor their personal retirement plans.